Thursday, December 8, 2011

Art Here There and Everywhere

Back in 2006 I was busy helping to clean-out my Grandma Eva's house, after she had gone to the nursing home.  It was a stressful time for all of us.  Good memories, but still stressful.  (but more on that another day).  After a long day at Grandma's house, I came home to find my birthday present from Shannan.  A place of my very own to create and craft!  He was so sympathetic to what I was going through and wanted to do something very special for my birthday.  He searched my "favorite scrapbook spaces" folder on the computer and used different ideas from those to create a unique space in our room!  I cannot say enough how much I love having my own space!  And he was such a dear to create it for me! 

Before, I had a little desk in the corner of the room.  It was fine, but not very big.

AFTER!  A new space that covers one entire wall with lots of storage above and below and space to work.  He bought all the cabinets at Walmart and put them together in ONE day!

I love my new space.  It has changed through the years but has been a wonderful place for both Autumn and I to work and create.
This is what my space looks like today, when it's not covered with projects!
But I can't sit at a desk all the time.  So Shannan bought me a couple of portible art boards so that I can doodle in the kitchen too.
Working on a piece at the kitchen table with my portable board from Utrecht.  Music is a must so I borrow Shannan's ipod often :)  I'm real surprised my cat is not curled up in the middle of the paper.
I like blogs with lots of pictures, so here are some pictures of my art.  It's nothing spectacular, mostly doodles (zentangles I guess they call them now), and geometric stuff that anyone can do.

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