Monday, December 19, 2011

Creativity Weekend 2

Wow! What a weekend it was!  I got so much crafting done and am that much closer to finishing up Christmas gifts. 
Worked on glitter ornaments a bit.  It's a slow process because I let the colors dry before moving on so as not to smudge the parts that aren't dry yet.  I ran out of ornament hooks so had to improvise with paper clips.  They hang along a string above my work space. (hey, whatever works, right?)
There are medium sized rainbow ornaments for all of my daycare moms.

This is one for Autumn's piano teacher.

The bottom of the piano one.
By the time the weekend was over, I was covered in glitter. 
Also did some Christmas shopping over the weekend.  Needed to stop at Jo Ann Fabrics for some things for Autumn's school project, and while there picked up another early present for myself.  Snap boxes were 50% off!  Couldn't pass that up, so one came home with me.  It's a bit larger than my embroidery one.  I'm going to move my embroidery supplies into it and it will be my "Embroidery Travel Case".
This was the smaller one.  It worked fine, but was getting a little cramped for space.

The smaller one was easy for traveling and I will still use it for all of my sewing supplies if I ever decide to get a sewing machine.

Now, this is the NEW one.  See how much more room I have to keep projects in progress, and space for a whole small box of floss!
The NEW box is still very travel friendly.  Now I can take my embroidery on the road and not have to pick just one towel to work on, but several.  And I don't have to worry about not having the right colors of floss to choose from.  I'll have every color of the rainbow with me!
This is what I started on this weekend.
Here it is almost finished.  It will be part of a tea-towel, dishcloth, dish towel set.  I will post it when the whole set is complete.
Happy crafting! 

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