Friday, December 16, 2011

Vintage Kitchen Cabinets

It's no big secret among my friends and family that I have a thing for vintage kitchens.  I will nudge my way into an old farmhouse just to get a good look at the kitchen.  One of my friends has an almost complete vintage kitchen right down to the built-in Thermador wall ovens and stove top (that unfortunatly don't work but look great).  The cupboards look like they were just installed!  Only her new fridge and stove are not vintage.  It's my dream kitchen!

So, when I came across this advertisement in my December 1949 Better Homes magazine, I thought I'd do somemore digging about what kitchens were like in the 40's and 50's.  First off I love that these sets are called "Kitchenaider".  I don't know why, that just makes me laugh.

Back in '49 if Santa had left a kitchen like this under my tree I would've been one happy housewife!! 
Eventually, my search led me to one of my favorite vintage kitchen sites
Here, one can read about the history of kitchen cabinets.  Steel cabinets were wanted because they kept critters out.  Critters can't chew through steel.
My grandmother didn't have steel cabinets.  She had a wooden cupboard.  Luckily it has stayed in the family and it belongs to my folks now.  Of course the kitchens that we see in home magazines of that day, weren't always the kitchens that exsisted.  Not everyone had the most modern kitchen set-ups.  My grandmother's kitchen looked nothing like those found in magazines.  My grandmother had wooden cupboards, and very limited space. 

My Grandmother's old cupboard that is now at my parent's cabin.  Funny story: one of the doors makes a destinctive squeaking noise when opened, has been that way for years and years.  One day when my grandmother was visiting at the cabin, she heard that door squeak, she turned her head and said, "My cupboard!  There's a sound I haven't heard in years! Sure brings back memories."
I can't remember what website I found this on, but it's that butter-yellow that I love so much!  Now, it obviously needs a little TLC, but I think this would be perfect in some little kitchen.  I wonder how many hours were spent washing dishes in that sink.  Did the mom have little helpers to help her wash, or did she wash dishes alone?  Was there a kitchen window above it, decorated with cute little yellow curtains, where she could watch the birds in the tree outside?  These are the silly things I think about when I see vintage stuff lol.
When I talk about what my dream kitchen would be like, I am in no way saying that I am not happy with the kitchen that I have.  I am blessed to have a nice little house, with a decent sized, modern kitchen. But I like to look at what is out there.  I like kitchens with white cupboards, butter yellow walls, and vintage tables.  I love this kitchen from Cynthia's Cottage Design blog.
From Cynthia's Cottage Design Blog.  Her kitchen is amazing.  Her's is green and I like yellow, but this is still beautiful.

And this one with the pink walls from Miss Retro's Blog.  I think it is darling!

I don't recal where I saw this online, but it is adorable right down to the two orange cats!  The yellow is a smidge too bright, but I love that is has a back door.  Some vintage curtains for the door and window, maybe a vintage stove and PRESTO my dream kitchen!

 This toaster and table would be adorable in a vintage yellow kitchen.
More on vintage kitchens another time.  For now, I have to go do my dishes ;) Have a happy day!


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