Thursday, December 22, 2011

Laundry Day

There is one chore that I don't really mind much and that is laundry.  Maybe it's because I can see what has been accomplished.  I can see the piles of dirty clothes getting smaller, I can see the clean clothes all neatly folded on the bed, ready to be put away and there is a sense of accomplishment in that.

When we bought our mobile home, one of the things I loved about it was that it had a separate laundry room off the kitchen.  Most single wides have a laundry pair in a nook in the hall or in a little closet-type space.  Ours was an actual laundry room!

I've done my best to decorate it neatly and use the storage space wisely.
Kramer, the cat likes to sit on the dryer (I suppose because it is warm).  Even though it is a small room I still want it to be a pleasant place to be.  so I hung the little "Sally" dresses and the vintage Tide and laundry ads above the laundry pair.  The white curtain above hides the rack shelf and storage boxes above.
Storage above.

Because we have another outside exit right off our kitchen, we decided not to use this one.  We put a little shelf here and I made a cherry curtain to cover it.  Topped the shelf with a red board and made (sort of) some little curtains for the window.  My cleaning supplies live in an old Coca Cola box.
Off to the right hand side of the room my husband has a large shelf for tools, paint cans, etc.  It's not cute at all, nor very tidy, so I didn't photograph it.

It just shows that you can add personality to even the smallest little rooms in the house.  I like how cozy my laundry room is and don't really need anything bigger than what we have (I would just fill it full of stuff I don't need, heeheh!)

Love this vintage Duz ad that someone was selling on Ebay.  The vintage, red striped towels are a nice touch.

 I'm just glad we no longer have to do laundry by hand!  The old washboard method is long past as are the old gas powered machines of the 30s (thank heavens, because they were noisy!).  I like the ringer washers from the 40's.   This is a great You Tube video demonstration of a 1940's ringer washer.  It's so fun to see one working.

This video makes me think, this washing machine has lasted 70 years, why can't appliances today last that long.  Washers today have too many fancy-dancy features that's why!  Have you seen some of the new washers that are out there?  They look like something from the Jetsons! No, the Jetson's appliances didn't even look that complicated.  I think we put too many computer chips, buttons, extra features into things, and then if one of them breaks and the whole machine is useless!  Sometimes simple is better, and lasts longer too.

But I do wish I had a clothesline in my backyard.  I would hang laundry in the summer.  There is something special about hanging out the laundry. I'd have to learn the tricks and rules to properly hang out the laundry.  I think shirts are suppose to be hung upside down, and undies should be hung in the middle so the neighbors can't see them.  Maybe someday I'll have one.  Until then, my sister-in-law has one and maybe she will let me borrow her's some summer afternoon, when I hand wash my vintage linens.  That will be a fun day! 

This is a picture from an old scott, foresman science book from 1944.  This page was about wind and how we can use it to our advantage. Aren't the illustrations just swell.  More on that book later.
Well, more on vintage laundry another day.  Now, I have to go throw a load of towels into the dryer, all the while wishing I could be hanging them out to dry on a beautiful summer day. (It's 30 degrees here today).

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