Saturday, December 31, 2011

Salmon and Lobsters and King Crab Oh My!

I added one of my favorite songs to my playlist today called "Downeaster Alexa" by Billy Joel.  And it got me to thinking....
There seems to be a trend and fasination out there in reality TV right now about the dangerous profession of deep sea fishing.  Don't get me wrong, I love it, but when exactly did this all become "cool". 
I've been intrigued by commercial fishing ever since I first heard Billy Joel's "Downeaster Alexa" back in the early 90's.  There was something romantic about the song.  Just as truckers had the song "Eighteen Wheels and a Dozen Roses" fishermen had Downeaster Alexa's "Tell my wife I am trolling Atlantis, and I still have my hands on the wheel".  I suppose fishermen are gone for days, sometimes weeks at a time.  And I'm sure that being a fisherman's wife is tough in many ways and real fisher-wives would tell you that it isn't romantic at all.  (Maybe Bravo Channel should jump on board with "Fisher-Wives"!  I mean, if we can have shows like "Basketball Wives" and "Mob Wives" why not? 
Anyways, here is his "Downeaster Alexa" video from 1989.  If you give it a listen, make sure to pause the playlist at the right so that you hear the video only :)

Now we have these fishing, crabbing, lobstering (is that even a word?) shows that show us what it is really like.  It's cold, it's dangerous, it's gritty and smelly and for some reason we find all these things very cool.
I have yet to see the movie "The Perfect Storm" simply because I know it will make me cry.  I like Deadliest Catch, but haven't watched since Captain Phil died. 

Lobster Wars is pretty much the same thing as Deadliest Catch except with Lobsters, and now TLC is getting in on this fishing trend with their new show "Hook, Line, and Sisters" which I might give a chance if I could spare an hour to actually watch TV :)
Mmmm a salmon supper would taste real good right about now.
Have a happy day!

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