Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Sewing Machine

For years I thought, "why would I ever need or want a sewing machine? They are scary and complicated and that's just one of those things I will never want." 
I find myself saying this about other things too...like skiing.  I will never ski.  There are too many risks that go along with skiing and the risks outweigh any idea of fun that I might have. 
Also, I will never become a serious quilter.  That is just one hobby that doesn't interest me.  (Now, watch, 10 years from now, I will be a quilter, who owns a set of skis).

This is what I said about a sewing machine.
But this year, as I was scrabbling to finish hemming tea towels and dish towels, Shannan asked me what I wanted for Christmas and I said "a sewing machine".  I will use it to add the little strips of feed sack style fabric to my tea towels.  I have plans for a tablecloth, napkins, and maybe even a skirt or two for myself. 
I'm excited to learn something new and would love to be able to make my own dresses and maybe even some cute things for my daughter. 

It can make quite a few stitches.  I've been brave enough to try a couple but will leave the others until I've had more practice.
The machine I got is exactly the same as my sister-in-laws so she can help me if needed.  She's been using a machine for years and is an accomplished sewer.  She makes dresses for her girls (and Autumn) and just finished a blue jean quilt for her teen aged son!
I'd love to try a cute little project like this owl purse.  It is from a lady on craftster.org.  She made it from an old jacket, added some felt features and it's sooo cute.
Would like to make a simple skirt like the red one above.  Of course I'd like to have her waistline too, but that's a WHOLE other project! lol!
Other things I would love to sew are, needle books, puffy bookmarks, tote bags, tree ornaments.  I'd like to make my own felt valentines this year!  Here are some examples of things I'd like to try.  Of course these are done by professionals, so they all look amazing.  I've collected these images over the years and apologize if I don't remember where they are all from.
These are cute little felt cookies for Valentines Day.  I found them on Pamela Susan's blog where she also has a tutorial showing how to make them.
I'd like to learn how to make adorable little pillows similar to this one from Primrose Designs.  I enjoy this blog and love that she incorporates vintage embroidery designs into her projects.
I LOVE Crayon Roll ups and this is a cute one from the blog, Adam's Blankie.  I love this blog and she has so many cute ideas!  I'd like to make one similar to this.
Have a happy day!!

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