Monday, January 30, 2012

A Fun Weekend with Cookies and Yarn

This past weekend was fun.  And I just realized, it's Monday evening and I haven't left the house since Thursday evening!!  Should I try for a whole week?  It's happened before and could very well happen again.

This weekend Autumn had her cousins over for a sleepover so we baked white sugar cookies aka: cutout cookies, aka: frosting holders. 
It went well and the girls had a blast decorating. 
They went a little crazy with the frosting, but they turned out beautiful, and delicious!

All I could think of is The Princess (Prince) and the Pea.

What a little snuggle bug.
Of course, while the girls were having fun playing and decorating cookies, I had a bit of time to crochet and listen to some old radio programs on the computer.  I tried listening to The Jack Benny Show but just couldn't get into it, so I listened to a George and Gracie and a couple Fibber McGee and Molly.  I only crochet about once or twice a year.  My sister-in-law crochets on a weekly (maybe even daily) basis.  She's always got a beautiful project going.  So between her and Pinterest, I was bound to pick up a crochet hook again sooner or later.  I got quite a few new Granny Squares done in a style I had never tried before.  It's called a solid block.  Here is the picture from Pinterest that gave me the inspiration to try the solid block.
So I was looking and looking at these thinking how pretty they are and I realized most of those colors are in my yarn box!  So I hopped online, learned how to make a solid square granny and went to work.
My Grandma Eva taught me how to crochet when I was about 13.  She is very good at it as many women of her time are.  And she made yarn doilies right up until the time she had to go into the rest home.  She was actually working on an afghan for Autumn which was about half completed.  Autumn won't let me finish it, she wants it just the way Grandma left it. 
When my Grandma Eva was younger she could make the prettiest doilies and afghans.  She made Christmas tree angels and potholders. She got many of her patterns from Workbasket magazine.  She also tried to teach me how to knit, but I liked crochet better.  She crochet every person in our family an afghan.  Mine was the rainbow colors ROYGBIV (I was like 10 years old and that's what I wanted).  She told me later that she always thought mine was the prettiest and most fun to do because of all the beautiful colors.  Sadly, she doesn't remember making any of them.  But I will never forget that she did.

So here is my first square done.  Not perfect by any means, but good enough for me as I am not picky.  Well, the funny thing about crochet is...once you start, it's addictive (it's like pinterest).  So I sat and crochet until almost midnight!
 The yarn I am using is all Caron Simply Soft.  The brighter skeins I bought right after Autumn was born and I made her a bright, rainbow afghan.  Then the softer colors I bought just last summer and made my little baby cousin an afghan with those.  So I am running low on some colors and am hoping they are still available at Walmart. 
The lighter colors.  The only two brighter colors I've been using are the hotter pink and lime green.  The green above is just a little to drab.
The other night I had a dream I was in a store (much like the one below) that had a whole wall of colorful yarn (yarn on the brain).  I don't think I purchased any.  I just stood there looking at the way the colors melted into the next, yellow into chartreuse, green into turquoise and so on.  It was a good dream and proof that I dream in color.  Here are some cute yarn stores I found while browsing the web.
Here is the yarn wall at Silver Threads and Golden Needles, a yarn shop located in the historic downtown district of Franklin, North Carolina.  I can just imagine myself walking down the sidewalks, a cup of coffee in hand, seeing this shop and fainting right on the spot. J/K  I could see myself dropping a few twenties in there though. 
Okay, how clever is the name!?  Purl Jam.  Love it!  (Loved the band by the way)  And this little house is the perfect setting for a lovely little yarn store.  Now, if I just knew how to knit and purl.  This little yarn shop is located in Califon, New Jersey.   
We had our own little yarn shop here in Minot called the Yarn Stash, but as I drove by last Wednesday night, I noticed their sign was gone.  Sad.  They still have their website online, so that's promising.  I kept saying I was going to go in there, but you know how it goes.

I will leave you with the address to a blog my Sis-in-law and I LOVE called Attic 24  She always has the most colorful projects and ideas going on in her head.  I just love the way she has decorated her house to be so bright and cheerful.  Take a look and enjoy!
Here is a crochet flower pillow from Attic 24.  Her work is flawless.  And her projects are just so darn bright and cheerful they make me smile every time I visit her blog!
Whew!  I didn't realized I had so much to say about yarn!  I will post more pictures when I get a few more squares done. 
Until then, have a very happy day.

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