Tuesday, January 24, 2012

New File Folder Game

I have three kids that are 4 years old and they LOVE to sit and color.  I've notice that kids usually go through this stage at age 4.  Autumn did as have many of my other daycare kids through the years.  Having finally mastered fine motor skills, they are able to color beautifully.  Usually the "coloring phase" starts with them only wanting to use one color (usually their favorite) and this goes on for a couple of months.  Mom's start to say, "Oh...another orange tractor" or "Oh how nice another orange zebra".  I gently reassure them that it's totally normal and no, their child is not necessarily colorblind.  Then, after a couple months of monotone madness hanging on the refrigerators at home, it's as if they discover the mysterious crayon box of life, and they realize they can use DIFFERENT colors!  At this point all they want to do is color.
So, I've been sitting with them while the littles are taking their naps and we color together.  I use pencils, they use crayons, and all is good and happy for awhile.

So here is my latest "coloring" project.  Because the kids have been watching me color this they are very excited to play with it.
It's called Polar Bear Patches.  The pattern is from a Monday Morning book (I don't remember exactly which book) and he teaches number recognition and number word recognition.  He's not an actual "file folder" game as he is not in a file folder.  I will make these and keep them in page protectors in a binder.
Here I have matched all the patches that have anything to do with the number ONE.  I laminated him, front and back, using clear contact paper.

All the game pieces fit into a pocket (envelope) in the back.  I glued the envelope to the card stock back, then laminated over the entire back (envelope and all), then cut a slit across the top of the envelope to allow it to open. 
So that's one of the things I've been busy doing with the kids.  If you are interested in Monday Morning Books they have a website.  http://www.e-junkie.com/mondaymorningbooks  and sometimes their books are available on Amazon.
Have a happy day!

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