Saturday, January 14, 2012

Drawing Again

I'm drawing again!  For awhile it seemed that my creativity was on a vacation. That, and I was busy crafting.

I sat with a blank page in front of me for a long time, then just started doodling.  I think I was hoping to map out some sort of creative path.  I soon found one, or maybe one found me

Many times I talk myself out of an art project or a drawing because I get the idea in my head that if it isn't useful, then it isn't worth doing.  Like if I'm wanting to sit and color, why color a drawing that will be shoved into a portfolio never to be seen again, when I could be making and coloring file folder games for the kids, that they will actually use?  If I feel like painting I say to myself, why paint something that is not useful?  If I'm going to paint it should be a pencil box or some other useful container.  When did this happen to me as an artist!!?  I used to do all KINDS of art that wasn't functional.  I used to paint bright, colorful patterns onto wooden balls and keep in a jar, until one day I realized I didn't have room for the jar anymore.

Maybe that's it!  Living in a smaller space I have learned that things need to be functional.  There is so little room for display.  That's why I've started embroidering dish towels and tea towels, they are artsy but functional. 
What I need to do is remind myself that it isn't the product that matters, it's the process.  Doodling, painting, embroidering, all of it, are a means of release and relaxation.  So what if this latest drawing just ends up in the portfolio, forgotten.  It was fun to make and I enjoyed my day!

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