Friday, January 6, 2012

New Blog to Share

Wow!  I just stumbbled upon the most amazing Blog called Meadowbrook Farm.  The title caught my eye just because it sounds so dreamy.  Then I saw some photos and I was totally sucked into it's fresh, country air goodness.

How wonderful it would be to live on a little farm, with a little pond, (with fish in it of course), some chickens and a couple of cats?   

Seriously!  There is actually a REAL place this beautiful!??  Apparently so.
 Their family moved from the city/suburbs to the country, to persue a simpler life.  Their farmhouse, built in 1902, has been redone.  The kitchen is amazing!  She's quite the photographer, so the photographs alone are fun to look at.

When I saw this I actually said aloud, "Oh come on, you've got to be kidding me!"  This is TOTALLY my dream place.  It could be on the front page of Country Living Magazine.

The dining room with Homer Laughlin plates on the wall (some of them just like mine)!  I love love love Homer Laughlin china.   

And of course there's just HAS to be a front porch swing!  The pillows and cusion are so perfect for the vintage/garden setting.
 This is an amazing place and such a fun blog to look at.
If you jump to November 15th 2009 you can see some before and after pictures of the farm house.  They put many hours into it. 
So, brew a cup of tea sit back and take a peek.
Have a good one!

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