Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Simple Weddings

My dear cousin is getting married in the spring of 2013.  She is excited to be in the early planning stages of her wedding and I remember those days fondly.  I surrounded myself with the latest bridal magazines packed with the ideas for dresses and flowers and so on.  Enjoy the first stages my dear....enjoy. 

My cousin may not want to read any farther. 

I'm sad to say I don't remember much of the last few days before my wedding because they are a blur of nervousness, and frustration.  (Has everyone been fitted for their suit or tux?  Did we order enough boutonnieres for all of the ushers?  Mom still needs photos for the photo board!)  I was so concerned about the dresses, flowers and reception that I almost forgot to enjoy the actual wedding.  Most of all was my concern about everyone else's happines and whether or not they would have a good time.  I had never planned a big party before.  It was like being thrown in the water without being taught first how to swim.  And do you know WHY?  *caution, opinion ahead,*

Weddings nowadays, bring with them a whole cart-load of unnecessary "foo-foo"!  There, I said it and am now zipping up my flame-suit. 

But one could argue that I'm not a fan of big, foo-foo weddings only because I was given the opportunity to have one.  We had a nice wedding.  We didn't have a dance, but we did have nice flowers, dinner music, a cake etc.  You could argue that I might feel differently if I had not been given that opportunity or that I'd feel like I was cheated out of some rite-of-passage that every woman should be allowed to have.  Fine.  You might be right.  But when it really boils down to it...your wedding vows are all that really matter.  All that extra stuff, the unity candle, the sand pouring thingy, the 3 musical solos, the bubbles and the huge party afterwards,'s all extra.
Sand foo foo
Pew bow foo foo

Reception foo foo
When I think of weddings I think a lot about of couples from the 30's, 40's and 50's and about how simple many weddings were back then.  Receptions were either in the church basement and put on by the church ladies or at some one's home.  The wedding cake might be homemade, maybe by a grandma, or an auntie or a friend.  Sometimes I read in Reminisce how during times of war a wedding would take place quickly with only a day or two to prepare.  Sometimes the bride didn't even buy a wedding dress, she just wore her nicest dress and that would do.  All that mattered is that they were married.  And some of those marriages lasted 50 or 60 years!! 

I just love this vintage 1940's picture of a newly wed couple holding their wedding cake.  The dress is fairly simple as is the cake and it looks like they are standing in front of some one's house.   I deduce that this was a simple wedding.   Love the flower wreath in her hair! 

Another wedding photo from the 1940's.  Notice she is not wearing a traditional wedding dress.  This was most likely her Sunday best, or a special dress she bought for the occasion, but one that could be worn again and again.  There's that 1940's practically that I love so much.

Here's a fun one from the 1950's.  Love the big smile on the brides face. 
"But I want to remember our special day and I want people to have fun and I want to throw the party of the century!"  Fine.  If that's what is important to you and that's what makes you happy, then by all means!  People WILL remember it all because it was all so cool!  But you and your significant other will always remember your wedding no matter where you were, no matter the price tag.
This dress from Brides Magazine....$13,575.00.  Now that's a big price tag.

Reality TV has had a hey-day with our fascination with big weddings.  There are cake shows, and dress shows, and wedding planning shows.  And of course most of these weddings are expensive and over the top.  I recently saw a TV couple plan a Marie Antoinette themed wedding.  (loved the movie with Kirsten Dunst).  Beautiful wedding and fun to look at...but insanely expensive and unnecessary (there's that word again).

Marie Antoinette cake that is absolutly georgeous but kinda over the top.
Here are some cute ideas, and inspirations. 

If Shannan and I had to do it all over again...well, it would be simple.  A country church, simple flowers, simple dress, just a handful of friends and relatives, and no reception.   (Maybe a fun dinner/get-together with family and close friends the night before).
No party favors, no big mess to clean up.  Just the Word, the vows, and the rings (and maybe someone to play Wedding Day at Troldhaugen as everyone is leaving the church).
I wish I knew who took this picture of these rings on the Bible!  It is neat the way the rings make the heart shadow! 
A picnic reception, how clever! 
Simple flowers in glass bottles.  Just grab a scissors and head to Grandma's garden. 
Simple cake.  I looked and looked online and simple cakes are apparently a thing of the past.  It was hard to find a picture of a simple cake.

Interesting idea.  I myself wouldn't do it, but I like the idea!

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  1. Vintage wedding is what I'm going for Jen although Tyler wants the party afterwards I honestly could care less but everything will be simple as.little flowers as possible because I see them as a waist of money.