Thursday, January 26, 2012


I love lemons.  They are yellow, and cheerful and are the daisies of the fruit world.  Around the month of January I start to get the winter blues.  This year has been a bit of an exception as we have very little snow, and it has been unseasonably warm.  But, even with this mild winter I sometimes feel the winter blues and put a lemon on my windowsill.  My mother used to do it, and growing up, I never knew why.  Now I understand.
A lemon in the window makes me happy.
A kitty in the window also makes me happy.
A kitty sleeping on a lemon in a window, that makes me REALLY happy!
This was taken a couple of years ago.  He had this habit of laying his head on whatever was sitting on the sill with him....
...including tomatoes.  We now have items on the window sill that prevent him from laying on our food.
I've always wanted a vintage lemon label in a frame for my kitchen and this particular one would be perfect.  The dark blue is the color of my kitchen walls!

Here is my little lemon jelly bowl that I use for a sugar bowl.  It has a little spoon that sticks out the top.  See what I mean about the dark blue walls.  They are kind of hard to decorate with but yellow looks good in front of them!

Here are all of my little fruit sugar bowls together on my kitchen counter.  I'm keeping my eyes peeled for a grape bowl with spoon.

Here's an adorable, vintage-looking potholder from Etsy. 
And when you are done looking at your cheerful lemon, you can cut it up and make lemonade!
Here's a colorful advertisement for Minute Maid Lemonade that I saw on Chronically Vintage's blog. 
I've never heard of Sun Drop Lemonade but apparently it was around in the 1940's.  I don't remember where this image came from, but it was just too vintage not to include it!
Have a juicy, lemony yellow kind of day!

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