Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Vintage Hotpads and Pot Holders

Oh I just LOVE vintage hotpads and potholders!  They bring a splash of color and a bit of cheerfulness to the top of my stove.  I only display one or two at a time, otherwise they might get overwhelming.
One of the nicest things about them is that they are easy to find usually at garage sales or flea markets and are usually reasonably priced.  All of the ones I have range in price from a quarter to three dollars, which pretty much makes them guilt free. (right up there with hankies).  Hotpads and potholders are also a great starter collection for kids interested in vintage kitchen items.  They can use them for their tea parties and in their little play kitchens. 
These are some of the most recent ones I purchased at a 2011 flea market for only a quarter a piece. 

Just imagine all the time that the ladies put into these!  And I'm sure they made them to match their kitchen walls or dishes.

The pansy one above is probably my favorite (although because they are all so pretty, it is hard to pick a favorite).  This was a flea market find and I love that so many pastel colors were used.  I also love that the flowers are pansies.  Pansies stand for thoughts, and I always think of my Grandma Eva's flower bed and how it had a special spot just for pansies.

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