Friday, December 9, 2011

Glitter Glitter Everywhere!

Yesterday, I splurged on a package of Martha Stewart Glitter (40% off coupons are a "good thing").  I walked into my local craft store with every intention of purchasing the essential pack of 24 colors, but they were out.  So I bought the pack of 18 jewel tone colors instead and LOVE IT!
Pretty colors all in a row.  I can tell some colors are going to get used faster than others.  I'm hoping they will be available individually eventually in order to replace my favorites when they are all used up.
 I bought some small ornaments to glitter (can glitter be a verb?).  Am using Elmer's Glue All and finish the ornaments by spraying a bit of gloss coat on them.  The gloss coat is just to keep the glitter from falling when we were in elementary school and our teacher sprayed hairspray on our chalk drawings...yeah, same idea. 
The only problem I find with such fine glitter is that it gets EVERYWHERE.  It's in my hair, on my clothes, and all over the floor.  But it sure is fun!

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  1. Hi, Jen! Thanks for coming by and lovin' on my hutch!

    Great job on the ornaments! Congrats on being brave enough to use glitter! I have a pack of that same glitter, too but I've only used it once! I do NOT like the way it gets everywhere. I'm thingking of using it outdoors ONLY next time! I know my grands would love to play with it. :)