Monday, August 20, 2012

A Gift From Uncle Stan!

My Uncle Stan is da bomb!  Growing up, I can remember him taking us around town to as many garage sales as possible in a small amount of time.  "In-n-out...take no prisoners" he'd say, to keep us moving along.  He is a collector of vintage, and anything else that is cool.  I like being able to tell him about my great garage sale finds!  And today....he gave me a present!
30 iron on transfers! (3 duplicates went to my mom).  I could hardly believe my eyes!
I especially love these nifty Vogart transfers.
These anthropomorphic fruit, veggies and kitchenware are the coolest!  I especially like the pot dancing with the beet (at least I think it's a beet).
Thank you so much, Uncle Stan!  I can't wait to stitch-up some of these vintage patterns!
Until Tomorrow,
Have a Happy, stitchin' day!

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