Friday, August 3, 2012

Embroidered Fruit Placemat

A little Connie Francis to start off our post today.
Connie Francis--Everybody's Somebody's Fool
It hit #1 on the charts June 27th of 1960

The new little casserole dish needed a little something to sit upon, so I made it a matching place mat.  And what fun it was to make!
I started with a small bit of flour sack towel and hemmed up the sides.
I found these little fruit patterns on the Internet and played around with them in my scrapbook program to make them the right size.  Then I used a friXion pen to copy them onto the towel (without faces).

I used DMC 725 yellow to outline the pear, DMC 703 green for the leaves, and DMC 3790 brown for the stems.
But when it came to the red apple and the red stripe I didn't seem to have the right shades of red.  The reds I had were very dark reds, brick reds and Christmas reds.  The red in the casserole dish is more of a tomato red.
So, off to the craft store I went for red floss, one of my favorite things to do!

The correct red ended up being DMC 350 red.

And I learned how to do the herringbone stitch thanks to Big B's Embroidery site.
Here is the finished product after being ironed and all of the pen marks have magically disappeared.  I put a couple of our little jam jars next to the casserole to keep it company.

Have a Happy Stitching Day!

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