Thursday, August 23, 2012

Vintage Ads From Country Gentlemen Magazine

Here is another magazine, purchased over the weekend.  It's called Country Gentleman but about 2/3 of the way through, it switches to Country Gentlewoman. 
This particular magazine has some really neat vintage ads for regular products, but with a rural, country spin to them.  Like did you know Dreft detergent could be used to clean your cream separator?  I didn't! 
Here's a good one from Continental Red Seal Engines.  Apparently some "well-to-do" farmers had personal airplanes (not to mention airplane fuel) for those quick jaunts into town....because going by car just took all day.   My question is this...once farmer and wife landed at the airport, HOW did they get to the grocery store?  Even in 1947 I'm pretty sure grocery store parking lots didn't allow planes.  Did they walk?  Because I would think that would cancel out the time gained by flying.  Did they take a taxi?  Ride a horse?  Borrow little Jimmy's bike?
"It used to take us all we're home by noon....but it cost us 10 times more to get there!!
Is it just me, or does this oil heater look a lot like a radio?  "WHY is it so hot in here, Honey!?"  "Because I was looking for Amos and Andy!"
Oh!  I just love this ad for Youngstown Kitchens!

And it just wouldn't be a vintage magazine if it didn't have a Rinso advertisement! 
That's all for today.  I'm back to embroidering in the evenings lately and will have lots of stitching goodness to show in the days to come.
Until then,
Have a Happy, Vintage Day! 

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  1. I can see why you love vintage magazines Jen. It would be lovely to go back in time just to see what it was really like living then. Your comments about the adverts made me laugh. Take care. Marion x