Thursday, August 9, 2012

Prairie Village Museum Rugby Part 4

Here's a look at the saloon.

Here is the local bartender.  He wasn't very talkative.

Game of Poker anyone? 
The game room also had a piano.  When we were all resting on a bench in the "town square" and a family next to us was having a picnic at the picnic table, Poppa Bernie entertained us with some old time piano tunes.

I like these old gas pumps. 
I like this picture for two reasons.  Can you guess?  One, the old pump toppers from Standard Oil gas tanks.  Two, the Fred Allen Show banner!  I have figured this banner is most likely from 1940 because that is the first year the Texaco Show aired on CBS in the evening.
Tractor Row.  My little 3 yr old DC Boy would've gone into tractor overload if he'd seen all of these "trac-tooors".
I like the way the words John Deere are painted.  I imagine these tractors were loud, but the noise was probably a trade off for convenience.  I wonder if John Deere has a trademark on their shade of green paint. 
We met up with Gma Holly and Gpa Bernie and sat under this beautiful tree in town square.  Gma Holly brought homemade oatmeal cookies and bottles of water.  Gpa Bernie played piano in the saloon and then I walked back to the telephone operators house for a few more pictures.

Look at that beautiful blue sky!

This little writing desk was just begging to be opened, so I did and it's oh so cute inside.  I'd love to fill it with pretty stationery, my writing pens and address books.  And there's even a little drawer to keep stamps!  I especially like that there is a glass enclosed bookcase at the bottom for treasures. 
Here is the desk closed up again.  So pretty!  But I'd do something different than the dresser scarf, maybe two small doilies instead, under the lamps.
I'll close today with this picture.  This saying was painted on the side of the rail road caboose.  What a breath of fresh air!  It made we what point in time did we decide that our safety is someone Else's responsibility.  Now, if some thing's unsafe, it's someone Else's fault.  Personal responsibility seems to be lacking more now than it did in the past.  If you speed down the highway at 110mph and get into an accident, it's not the road's's your fault!  If you eat nothing but fast food burgers for a year and gain weight, it's not the fast food joint's's YOURS!  Where is the common sense now-a-days!? 
 Okay, that was kind of a vent there, so one more picture to end this post on a happy note. 
This is two photos put together of the little soda shop in downtown Rugby.  The photo quality isn't great, one of my future goals is to learn Photoshop, my scrapbook program just doesn't cut it anymore. But at least you get the idea of how cool this place was!
Until next time,
Have a Happy Day!

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