Thursday, August 30, 2012

Embroidered Lilac

"Lavender Blue Dilly Dilly" by Dinah Shore (were her parents paleontologists? Just kidding.)
All kidding aside, Dinah Shore seemed to have a very interesting life.  You can read about her here, on Wikipedia.
Dinah's version of "Lavender Blue Dilly Dilly" is my favorite and seems to be fitting for this post about my favorite lavender flower, the lilac.

Autumn and I have been reading the Betsy Tacy books and Maud Hart Lovelace always mentions the lilacs by the backdoor of Betsy's house. 

Where I come from, a homestead yard, farm yard or yard in town isn't complete without a lilac bush nearby. 

I love lilacs.  They are a part of my childhood, most of the yards throughout the small town I grew up in had them.  They remind me of both my Grandmothers and my mom.  When darling husband and I bought our first house it had a lilac bush in the front yard.  Imagine my horror when my darling husband ripped the lilac bush out of the front yard because it was "too difficult to mow around".  Our little yellow house with white shutters and trim just never looked the same to me....something was always lacking.  I'll never let him live that one down haha!  Unfortunately, I still don't have a lilac bush in our yard.  But I'm workin' on it and maybe next spring one will be planted.

But I digress...

Lilacs can be the prettiest shades of purple and lavender.

And lilacs always have the ability to bring me cheer, and they smell good too!

Birthday lilacs from my Sis-in-law.
So, while looking for a new project for this week, a simple phrase from a Betsy Tacy book inspired me to embroider lilacs. 

And here it is finished.  I suppose it could be a table napkin.  I used one of the two 14x14 quilt blocks that weren't big enough for my Dresden flowers.  Soon, I will stitch the other to make a pair. 
Folded neatly into a nice little square.
Until tomorrow, have a Happy, Stitchy Day!

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