Thursday, August 2, 2012

Prairie Village Museum Rugby Part 3

I'm sad to say I did not take a look at the next building listed on the map.  If I had read the map correctly I would've known that there was more than just dental equipment inside the building.  There were antique radios!  I missed the radios, can you believe it!  Oh well, I guess that leaves a little something new for the next time we go.

On to the General Store.

The General Store and Pleasant Lake Bank make up this little side street.

So much to look at!
Bins of grains and crackers.

Patterns for sale.  This is a cute little dress!

Embroidery items!  I've never heard of Belding Brothers and Co's.  Might have to do a little digging.
The storage container lover in me went into overload when I saw this little cabinet of triangle shaped drawers.  It was SO unique!  Dad said it held tools, screws, nails, or the such.  We figured there were 72 drawers in all.  It would be great sea shell storage, or storage for any kind of little things! 

We traveled on down the boardwalk to the Pleasent Lake Bank. 

I love all of the old wrought iron.  Our post office in Epping had a little gate/door on it like this one. 
We walked on to the telephone operator's home, this one originally from Bottineau.  The operator worked from her own home and was on call 24-7.
Telephone switchboard.

Kitchen in the phone operator's house.  And another look at some vintage linoleum.
Another view of the cute kitchen in the operator's house.

This small town lawyer also worked in his home.  His office was off to the side of the house and a secretary had her own desk in the same room.

Next to the lawyer's house was the "Doll's House", a little building full of vintage toys.  Autumn was in heaven.  We especially liked all of the little tin dishes. 

The Littles!  We had these when we were kids in the early 80's.  My mom would bring them to us from Minot when she was going to school at MSU. (or Dakota Northwestern University as it was called for a bit that year).
The Barbershop

Cool clock in the barber's shop.

Well, that's all for today.  Tomorrow we'll look at the Saloon, a shady picnic spot, and some antique cars! 
Until Tomorrow,
Have a Happy Vintage Day!

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