Saturday, August 11, 2012

Stitched Birthday Card

My niece's birthday card this year, was a stitched card.  The idea and pattern came from that fun magazine that I love so much...Stitch, Craft, Create.

The first step is to trace a design onto the card using a pencil.  Try to make the pencil marks very light.

Then, you take a pin or needle (I just used my needle as I went along) to poke little holes following your pencil designs.  Try not to make the pin holes TOO close together.  I practiced before hand and determined how big I wanted the stitches to be.  The magazine says to place the card on a self healing mat or thick cardboard to poke the holes, but I just held it in mid-air and poked the needle through.
Using a back stitch, I stitched the card and then placed a matching piece of card stock over the back side of the stitching to hide the messy back and knots.  Here is the finished card.  It was fun to do and it will be fun to experiment with different designs in the future.
Have a Happy, Crafting Day!

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