Friday, August 31, 2012

Vintage Train Case Make-Over

Every since saw the movie That Thing You Do, I've wanted my very own train case.  Faye, played by Liv Tyler, has one in the movie and it is so stinkin' cute!  The case looks like it's been covered by a world map.  Every girl should have a train case to keep her treasures in when she travels! 

At the end of the movie, there is a scene where Faye is sitting alone in her hotel room.  As she opens her train case to put her makeup bag into it, she spies a picture of her, Guy and Jimmy.  The photo is tucked neatly into one of the elastics that hold the mirror.  As she looks at the picture, you can tell she's contemplating the last few weeks, (and possibly years) of her life.  She thinks about her recent breakup with Jimmy, and her true feelings for Guy.  She reaches for the photo, carefully pulls a scissor from inside the case, then swiftly and neatly cuts Jimmy out of the picture, leaving herself and Guy smiling for the camera.

First of all, I think Tom Hanks is a genius.  He wrote, directed and stared in That Thing You Do and he's one of my favorite actors.  This movie is one of my "go-to" movies.  I watch it when I'm sick in bed, and I even listened to it on my ipod while the dentist drilled my root canals.  If I stumble upon it while channel surfing, I stop to watch....and finish it.  This winter Autumn and I will sit down and finally watch it together! introduced me to train cases.

Now, after years of searching for just the right one, I found one a few weekends back!  It is a creamy colored white, (just like I wanted), it's American Tourister and even though it's not really old, it could still be vintage.  I started working on it the other day, and it's coming along quite nicely.

Thank you to person who invented the Mr. Clean Magic Eraser!  The picture doesn't show as clearly as real life, but you can see a little bit of difference between the cleaned part and....well...the grimy part.
The inside is nice but it kinda smells funny, so I Frebreezed it and threw a wax cube of room freshening stuff in there.  Soon it should be smelling like a spiced pear.....or at the very least a spiced pear inside an old medicine cabinet.  The plastic tray, that is original to the case, is cracked and had medical, bandage type of tape holding it together.  Because I believed the tape to be the smelly culprit, I removed it and threw it away....far, far away (yuck).

Yucky tape.

The tray is nice, but I wanted to make it more personal, more my style.  So I searched through all of my vintage folders and printed out all sorts of little clip arts, photos, embroidery patterns, etc.  I cut them out and taped them to the tray.  In hind-sight, I should have glued them down.

After!  Before the clear-coat finish.
I took some clear-coat, decoupage stuff and coated the pictures and the tray.  If I ever decide to do something different I think I'll be able to peel it all off.

Now let's pack and get ready for a trip.

My embroidery floss box fits perfectly into the bottom of the case.  I'm going to bring a small skein of yellow yarn, just in case I feel like crocheting.
Next comes a couple of projects.  A stamped tea-towel and the lilac towel I've been working on, in a hoop.

A favorite book.

And finally the tray of goodies.  I've packed a tiny embroidery hoop, thread, and bobbins (just in case I buy floss).  A permanent marker (to mark the bobbins) a FriXion pen for tracing transfers onto cloth, my new itty bitty pin cushion and my bluebird needle book.  I also packed scotch tape and my new embroidery scissors from my darling husband.  My i-pod and head phones will also fit into the tray.

And here we are, all ready to go! Let's hit the road!
It sure kept me busy Tuesday and Wednesday night. Until another day,
Have a Happy Day!

Thursday, August 30, 2012

Embroidered Lilac

"Lavender Blue Dilly Dilly" by Dinah Shore (were her parents paleontologists? Just kidding.)
All kidding aside, Dinah Shore seemed to have a very interesting life.  You can read about her here, on Wikipedia.
Dinah's version of "Lavender Blue Dilly Dilly" is my favorite and seems to be fitting for this post about my favorite lavender flower, the lilac.

Autumn and I have been reading the Betsy Tacy books and Maud Hart Lovelace always mentions the lilacs by the backdoor of Betsy's house. 

Where I come from, a homestead yard, farm yard or yard in town isn't complete without a lilac bush nearby. 

I love lilacs.  They are a part of my childhood, most of the yards throughout the small town I grew up in had them.  They remind me of both my Grandmothers and my mom.  When darling husband and I bought our first house it had a lilac bush in the front yard.  Imagine my horror when my darling husband ripped the lilac bush out of the front yard because it was "too difficult to mow around".  Our little yellow house with white shutters and trim just never looked the same to me....something was always lacking.  I'll never let him live that one down haha!  Unfortunately, I still don't have a lilac bush in our yard.  But I'm workin' on it and maybe next spring one will be planted.

But I digress...

Lilacs can be the prettiest shades of purple and lavender.

And lilacs always have the ability to bring me cheer, and they smell good too!

Birthday lilacs from my Sis-in-law.
So, while looking for a new project for this week, a simple phrase from a Betsy Tacy book inspired me to embroider lilacs. 

And here it is finished.  I suppose it could be a table napkin.  I used one of the two 14x14 quilt blocks that weren't big enough for my Dresden flowers.  Soon, I will stitch the other to make a pair. 
Folded neatly into a nice little square.
Until tomorrow, have a Happy, Stitchy Day!

Sunday, August 26, 2012


So, is this a quilting chicken, who sits on her roost and stitches the day away?, it's a quilt and a chicken!
I've been working on these all summer for a friend and it's been kind of slow going.  But now they are finally finished and ready to be mailed.

All I need now is a nice little card to put with them and they'll be ready to pop into the post!
Until Another Day,
Have a Happy, Stitching Day!

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Vintage Ads From Country Gentlemen Magazine

Here is another magazine, purchased over the weekend.  It's called Country Gentleman but about 2/3 of the way through, it switches to Country Gentlewoman. 
This particular magazine has some really neat vintage ads for regular products, but with a rural, country spin to them.  Like did you know Dreft detergent could be used to clean your cream separator?  I didn't! 
Here's a good one from Continental Red Seal Engines.  Apparently some "well-to-do" farmers had personal airplanes (not to mention airplane fuel) for those quick jaunts into town....because going by car just took all day.   My question is this...once farmer and wife landed at the airport, HOW did they get to the grocery store?  Even in 1947 I'm pretty sure grocery store parking lots didn't allow planes.  Did they walk?  Because I would think that would cancel out the time gained by flying.  Did they take a taxi?  Ride a horse?  Borrow little Jimmy's bike?
"It used to take us all we're home by noon....but it cost us 10 times more to get there!!
Is it just me, or does this oil heater look a lot like a radio?  "WHY is it so hot in here, Honey!?"  "Because I was looking for Amos and Andy!"
Oh!  I just love this ad for Youngstown Kitchens!

And it just wouldn't be a vintage magazine if it didn't have a Rinso advertisement! 
That's all for today.  I'm back to embroidering in the evenings lately and will have lots of stitching goodness to show in the days to come.
Until then,
Have a Happy, Vintage Day! 

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

1927 Needlecraft Magazine

One of my favorite finds from over the weekend is this December 1927 Needlecraft Magazine.  This was a special find for me because just earlier in the week I'd read an article in Mary Jane's Farm about needlework.  MJF magazine had recreated, through photography, a cover of a Needlecraft magazine from July of 1928.  It showed a little girl holding a sampler behind her back.  They showed the cover of the Needlecraft Magazine and I was fascinated by the fact that there was such a magazine back then!  I had seen Workbasket Magazines, but never a Needlecraft.  I wanted to know more about them.

And now, I own one!  Eeeek!

I just love the colorfully illustrated cover.
It's not in the best of shape and has some water damage to it. It will get the onion and vanilla treatment (to elimitate the musty smell). And hopefully then, I'll be able to thumb through it without having to wear a mask.

Here are some pages from the inside.

Herrschner's as in THEE Herrschners that are still around today?!  That's pretty cool.
Aahh, the fashions of the late 20's.  Not so sure I care for them, but those dresses would hide a bit of a tummy if one had one.  But the dresses really didn't do anything for those who did have a figure either did they?
A small stitching lesson.
I thought this little tot in her embroidered bib sure was cute!

Crochet directions are like reading Greek to me.  I don't understand it at all.

Handmade bags.  I like the little marble bag with the two squirrels on it.
Here is the pattern.  And if you look very closely, you can see that this pattern was hand drawn.  Well, duh.  There were no computer programs to create patterns.  Those little squares inside squares are hand drawn!
This ad is my favorite.  Don't you just hate it when a long phone call keeps you from your cinnamon rolls? 

Well, that's all for today.  Hope you enjoyed a little trip back to good ole 1927.
Until tomorrow,
Have a Happy, Vintage Day!

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Garage Sale Weekend Finds

This past Saturday was city-wide garage sale day!  Getting up at the crack of 0-dark-hundred was well worth it.  The first sale I hit was a good one.  My first purchase was this beautiful, cream colored (or white, depending on who you talk to) American Tourister train case.  This type of train case has been on my list for quite some time.  Good things come to those who are patient and wait.

It has the original mirror and original tray, and even though the tray is cracked in a few places, I'm glad it's there.
Here is a picture of the day's finds.

10 vintage magazines full of wonderful articles, recipes and fun, vintage, advertising! 
When out there doing sales, the thought of, "where am I going to put all of this?" does cross my mind....but then the thrill of the deal over-rules and I find myself exiting the car at the end of the day, holding bags of stuff.  But it's entertainment at an inexpensive price.  Some people go to the movies, some pay green fees at the local golf course, some spend hundreds of dollars a year on fishing gear.....I shop for vintage goodies. 
This was kind of an interesting find.  A Peterson Baking Co. cardboard hand-fan.  Not sure of the year but am guessing 30's or 40's.  I'll have to do some digging on the Peterson Baking Co. of Stanley ND.
Found this cute little West Highland Terrier perfume bottle.  He has a gold collar, but I think this bit of red ribbon suits him better.  He's ready to be displayed on my crafting desk.
Vintage napkins (or serviettes) and a small, square, vintage tablecloth with beautiful cut work and embroidery on them.  And six blank vintage napkins begging to be embroidered with little flowers or bluebirds.  (Yea! a future project!) 

You can tell the cut work and embroidery is all hand done because the blue tracing marks are still on the cloth!  Imagine the hours someone spent making these simple, blue bordered napkins so much prettier with her handiwork.
Such beautiful detail.
This itty bitty pin cushion will be perfect for my travel embroidery kit.
And a little baggie of buttons with a few pastel colored buttons that I thought might work nicely with 1930's feed sack fabrics.
This is one of two transfer patterns that I found.  I've never seen the Pixie Motifs before.  They remind me of Holt Howard and his pixies.
Ladies Home Journal from June 1957--Look Magazine from April 17 1956--and my favorite, Country Gentleman (half is Country Women) from 1947.
Six Successful Farming magazines from spring and summer 1947.  The caption on the top magazine says, "Put a picture window in your kitchen".  I grew up in a farm-style kitchen and we had a big picture window above the sink.  Actually, the two ends opened, but the middle was huge!
Tomorrow we will dive into the Needlecraft Magazine from 1927! 
Until then, Have a Happy, Vintage Day!