Thursday, October 3, 2013

Flea Market Finds

The first flea of the fall/winter season was this past Saturday and Sunday.  We got there early to be there at opening time.  There were a couple of new vendors, but most was the same that we've seen before. 
Here is a photo the loot we came away with from both the flea and Vintage City, our favorite little vintage store!
To pick a favorite find would be tough, I love it all, but I especially like the vintage magazines. The Saturday Evening Post is from July 19, 1952 and I love the cover by Steven Dehanos, but more about that later.  And the other is a "Tune In" magazine which was a radio listener's guide, much like the TV guides of today.  It has articles about radio personalities, shows, and there's even an article and picture about Fanny Brice who was "Baby Snooks".  It was a very interesting find!
The checkered glasses and black, white, and red potholder I found at vintage city.  I think the black and white potholder will go great with some scotty dog themed items.  The vintage cookie cutter was a flea market find for only a quarter.  I'd never seen a flower shaped one before.
The large red and white tablecloth was a great deal!  It's a 55x55 and has a couple of tiny, faint stains, but it's in good condition!  It will be great for picnicking. 
The smaller red striped tea towel was a fun find at Vintage City.  My plan is to sew a blanket stitch around the edges in red, or crochet red around the edges OR to sew red rickrack around the edges with an embroidered scottie in the corner.  We'll see.  This towel has so much potential!  
And the tea towel above is one of my favorites!  I have a pink one very similar to it and just couldn't pass it up for only a couple of bucks.
Now, the jar is a Hazel Atlas and I'm 99% positive that this in NOT the right lid....but it fits, so we'll keep it for now.
I believe this was a "coffee" jar...whatever that means.  But I love the decorative ribbing around the squared sides and the diamond space in the middle.  Usually, when I see jars with such decorative detail, they are short and fat.  But this one is tall and not as wide!
And finally, these lovely little potholders in excellent condition! 
It's funny because a few days before the flea, I had been looking at crochet patterns for potholders and this is one of the patterns I looked at!  The four yellow roses on each one are so pretty...they remind me of my Great-Grandma Grace (even though I was never able to meet her) I know she had a huge yellow rosebush next to her house.  So, whenever I see them I think of her.
That's all for today...I had to have a simple surgery done this morning, but I should be back online by the weekend though so stay tuned and as always,
Have a Happy Vintage Day!

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