Tuesday, October 8, 2013

The Summer of Mailbox Magazines!

This past June I was lucky enough to stumble upon a former teacher's garage sale.  For those who don't know it, I'm a sucker for all of the stuff that comes with being a teacher.  Especially Preschool and Kindergarten teaching. I love the stickers, the plan books and room decor.  I love the organizational products with pockets and binders with page protecting sleeves.  Again, it is a sickness.  But in my defense, I use much of it with my Daycare kids and they love it too.
At the garage sale, this retired teacher had tons of stickers for the little miss of the household and a whole year's subscription to the Mailbox Magazine for Kindergarten.  So I counted out my quarters and scooped them up. 
I had so much fun looking through them and finding little projects for my daycare kids to do!  Because they are kindergarten and not preschool mailboxes, some of the activities are a bit too difficult for my kids, so I'll glean from this set what I can than donate them.... 

Because in August....

...I found these at our library book sale.  They weren't library copies either, they were donated by someone who used them and loved them well.  Some of the activities have been removed but for the most part they are in great condition.
Yeah, that's a lot of Mailbox Magazines and they are ALL Preschool.  I felt a little bit greedy buying them all, but I did leave a few...okay, only four.  But here's my plan.  Not only will I donate the Kindergarten ones I don't need any longer, but will also go through each one of these, photocopy the pages I like, copy great ideas onto note cards and donate most of them to my two friends that teach Kindergarten here in town (they would love to have a few I'm sure).  So I won't be keeping the majority of them.
Problem is, there are so many of them to go through!  I've been setting aside time each week (3 hours/week, while the little miss is in choir practice at the college), to copy ideas and mark pages I want to photocopy.  So, instead of driving back and forth across town, I just park my behind at a table on campus and get to work.  I suppose it could be considered "career enrichment" ha!
It's actually quite fun!

The small stack on the left side (6 magazines) have been browsed through, ideas written onto note cards, and pages already copied and put into theme folders.  It takes awhile, but it's like Christmas everyday, opening up a new Mailbox!  (This doesn't include the six Kindergarten ones I'd already read).

THIS is one of the reasons I haven't been embroidering? 

Until another day, have a happy one!

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