Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Cookies for Choir

This week it was Daughter's turn to bring snacks to choir.  Since St. Patrick's Day is just around the corner, I made Shamrock cookies and musical note cookies.
I baked on Saturday evening and frosted on Sunday evening.  We ended up with 41 Shamrocks and 37 Musical notes!  Yea!

As always, I used the Wilton Royal Icing recipe.  You can find it HERE.  And this time I only mixed the frosting mixture for 7 minutes with my electric hand mixer.  I should have done 10.  But the frosting still turned out pretty good.   I achieved the darker green dots by adding them while the flood frosting was still very wet.  Just a dot of frosting will do, as it spreads a little bit when dropped onto the flood frosting.  The dark green frosting was also quite thin...about the same consistency as the flood frosting.  If I had three hands, I could have taken pictures! Ha!
I was a tired cookie maker by the end of the day.
That's all for now.  Until another time, have a happy day! 

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