Monday, March 30, 2015

Vintage Clothespin Bag

Mondays (and sometimes Tuesdays, if needed) are always laundry days for me.   
And, because it is laundry day, I've decided to share with you one of the Christmas presents I received this year from my Uncle Stan and Aunt Barb.  It's almost April already, for cryin' out loud, it's about time I give this fun, little vintage goody a post of its own!

It's a clothes pin bag to hang on the clothesline and I just LOVE it to pieces!  AND it was full of vintage clothes pins too!  Some were the spring kind, some were the older kind with no springs.  The bag and hanging wire are both in very good shape, considering it's most likely 50+ years old.
Now, if I just had an old fashioned, 4-lined clothesline like the one in the next photograph.
Photo found on Pinterest
The other neat thing about this vintage clothespin bag is that it can be found in my 1950 Montgomery Wards catalog, which was also a Christmas present from my Uncle Stan. 
 There it is...letter V.  Only $.89 and includes 72 clothes pins.
Well, the dryer is about to buzz.  Until another time, have a happy, vintage day!


  1. I am so happy for you. I just love those bags. I have two. One I paid quite a bit for and another I couldn't pass up because the price was so good. I almost bought another because it was only 3.00 but thought I would let someone else have it. I don't really need 3! Anyway, I love the graphics on the bag, don't you?
    How cool that you were gifted a catalog, too. I love to receive gifts like that! Hope you share more of it.
    I just know that some of us had to be born in the wrong decade but then again, if we were housewives back then, would we find the everyday things as fun as we think they are now?

  2. I do love the graphics! Many times I will purchase something just because of the graphics. I'm going to try and scan the catalog, but it's pretty thick, so may just have to take photos instead. And yes, I often wonder if I had been born in the wrong decade. It's good to know there are others out in the world that feel the same way haha! But there are good things and bad to every decade. Back in the "good old days" the women worked hard at home, but most (not all but most) didn't have to work 40 hours a week outside the home, they were able to get their chores done during the day and have the evenings to relax. That's difficult to do now-a-days. It's true though about the everyday things probably not being as fun back then to those who HAD to do them. That's a very good point.