Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Vintage Ad Wednesday--Easter Cakes

This time of year I'm always ready for Winter to pack up its snow, snirt, and slush and leave.  I'm ready for Spring and here is a little Dexo ad to get us in the spring-time mood.  Cakes are one of my favorite treats and I just love the look of this cheerful Easter cake.  This Dexo ad comes from my April of 1950 Woman's Day.
Here is another lovely Easter Cake from the same magazine.
Ahh yes, Baker's Coconut.  Coconut cakes always remind me of my Grandma Eva and her Bunny Cakes.  She made a couple for my brother as his birthday was sometimes close to Easter.
The cake is trimmed in with those big, waxy, candy eggs that were basically pure sugar...haven't seen them in forever.  Not even sure you can still get them.
One of these days, maybe I will try to make a Bunny Cake.

That's all for today.  Until another time, have a piece of cake and a happy, vintage day!

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