Tuesday, March 17, 2015

New Table Cloth

A couple weekends ago I stopped into Vintage City and saw this cute little red and aqua colored table cloth!  It's a square rather than a rectangle, but I think it works well at an angle. 

If you Google "Vintage Red and Aqua" you'll get about a thousand results.  There's no denying it, red and aqua seems to work together, and decorating with them is a popular trend.  I never thought I'd decorate with the two colors, but now I totally see how they work!  I'm not going to go overboard though, just a couple little aqua items should do.

Now, because I only have one other little item in this aqua-turquoise color (the tea cup in center of table), I'd like to come across something that will match the table cloth.  A turquoise bowl or vase, perhaps, or maybe something in that mauve-y pink. . 
That's the fun part, the hunt...the search for that perfect item that says, "pick me, pick me!"

That's all for now.  Until another time, have a happy vintage day!

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