Thursday, March 26, 2015

Stitching Fun--Buttonhole Wheel Stitches

Last weekend I had some uninterrupted hours to myself, so I started a new stitching project.  Sometimes it's fun to start something and just "see where it takes you".
The pattern is one I found months ago on Pinterest.  After printing out a copy, I taped it to the window and traced it onto a piece of off-white muslin that was originally meant to be a quilt block.
Once traced, the cloth went into a larger sized hoop.  I placed the tape dispenser into the picture to give you an idea of the project's size.
To make the buttonhole wheel stitch you come up on the outside line (which I didn't take a picture of, sorry), then, while holding the thread fairly tight with your thumb, you put your needle down into the inside line.

From the bottom, poke your needle back up on the outside line being sure to place your needle inside the "loop" that the thread has made.

Pull the needle up and slightly to the right (the direction you are going).
Repeat the steps to create more stitches.
My explanations are not the best.  To be honest, I find Mary Corbett's video tutorials to be the best tool in learning new stitches.  Here is a LINK to her buttonhole wheel stitch tutorial on YouTube.
After a few hours, this is what I ended up with.  At this point I wasn't too sure what I was going to do next.  I thought about adding some feather stitches like little vines around the circles, but quickly decided against that.  I thought about making the smaller circles little daisies, but no. 
Finally, I took a hot iron to it and erased any distracting pen marks.
Where to go from here, I don't know.  But it will be fun to play around with it in the weeks to come!
Thanks for visiting!  And as always, have a happy, stitching day!


  1. So neat and evenly stitched. Are you using variegated thread ? Lovely pretty spring colours. I keep scrolling up and down admiring it ! Marion

  2. Thanks, Marion! Yes, it is variegated. It's the Artiste brand from Hobby Lobby. I usually don't sway very far from using DMC, but these Artiste variegated threads had a watercolor look to it and I just fell in love with the colors.