Friday, March 20, 2015

Embroidery--Practicing Buttonhole Stitch

Waaaay back in February, I once again, caught the embroidery bug.  Wanting to learn a couple of new stitches, I got out my supplies, tuned into the youtube, and watched a few tutorial videos.
I finally got around to using my Artiste floss from Hobby Lobby.  The colors are just so springy and pretty, and just what I needed to get through these long winter blahs!
I wanted to learn the button hole stitch and after awhile started this little circle.
I also practiced the raised fishbone stitch.
I got a little crazy with the buttonhole stitch and the wheat ear stitch.
I think this next one is called the double feather stitch.  I added the little, fluffy flowers at the end of each stitch.
Just a little more practice with the double feather stitch and some French knots.  Sorry for the blurry photos. 
In the end, I ended up with a mess of different stitches that actually looks kind of cool.  This cloth will be my practice cloth and I will keep adding stitches to it as I go.  Someday, I will iron it up and post it for all to see.
That's all for today.  Until another time, have a happy stitching day!


  1. Your Embroidery is so pretty Jen. There is no cure cure for the Embroidery Bug. I have been bitten too ! Marion x

  2. Thanks for the sweet comment, Marion! You're right, there is no cure! Haha!