Saturday, March 7, 2015

Vintage Chrome Table

Last weekend, a beautiful, 1950s, chrome, pedestal, kitchen table came up for sale at Vintage City (my favorite little vintage shop).  A table like this has been on my wish list for quite some time, therefore, there was no time to waste.  I bought it sight-unseen!
Well, actually...
Hubby stopped over to Vintage City to look it over, and he said it looked great.  Next thing I knew, we had a new table! 
First, we had to remove the built-in table that had served us well for 10 whole years.

The old table came out easily and wasn't as difficult as we thought it might be. We risked ruining part of the floor, but it was only screwed to the flooring with three screws!  Why didn't we try doing this a long time ago!?

Here we have put the legs back onto the new table.  It's fairly easy to take the legs off and put back on for travel or storage. 
I love the fact that it's a pedestal table.  If someone needs to sit at a corner, there are no legs to get in the way. And it has a leaf! 

For our first meal at the vintage table, Daughter and I had toasted-cheese sandwiches and soup.  We talked about and wondered what the first owners of the table might have had for meals, including their first meal.  Did they live on a farm or in a town.  Was it a small town?  Did it come from a cute little house on the outskirts of Willow City?  I suppose we'll never know.

And here is our new little table decorated with a vintage tablecloth!  I did some rearranging and put our wine rack in a different spot and placed some vintage goodies on the lower shelf of the china hutch.  I put Grandma Eva's Pyrex bowl on the bottom shelf too.  We'll see how that works.

The tablecloth is a Simtex and I bought it awhile back at (you guessed it) Vintage City.

While browsing the web for information about Simtex, I stumbled upon an awesome blog called Tabletop Time.  The author collects vintage dishes and sets up numerous, beautiful table settings to photograph!  It's fun to see all of the color combinations she uses.  I think it would be so much FUN to decorate a table!

So, that's one of the things I have been up to this past week.
Hope you all have a great week and until another time, have a happy, vintage day!


  1. How great you found it and it is now making you smile when in the kitchen!

    1. Thanks! It really does make me smile. Even my husband has commented on how much brighter the kitchen looks.